Facilities Management in Thailand

Thailand has been in the news recently following the death of King Bhumibol the Great on 13th October and the subsequent outpouring of grief and lengthy period of mourning for the world’s longest reigning monarch.

Bernard Crouch director of Acumen FM was in Thailand just a couple of weeks earlier, attending the  Thai FM conference held by TIFM (Thailand Facility Management Association).

FM in Thailand is still in its early stages of growth and this year was only the second FM conference, although it attracted over 100 delegates over two days.

Major topics discussed at the conference included the state of FM in Thailand and neighbouring countries, fire safety in taller buildings (Bangkok has 85 towers consisting of more than 40 floors, with a further 17 under construction) and Air Conditioning typically set at 25c but which apparently consumes approximately 60% of the electricity in Thailand.

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