We need to talk about BIM

In the past The starting point for the building of what are possibly the largest, oldest structures on Earth, Egypt’s ancient pyramids involved a ‘grand vizier’ who was ‘head of royal works’. Plans would be drawn up on papyrus or limestone slabs and once true north had been identified and foundation rituals carried out, construction […]

waste management

Waste Management in London

The City of London with a variety of building types offers many opportunities and challenges for operators of soft services. Against this diversity there is one requirement which is often overlooked and blended into the suite of services which are required to operate an asset. Recycling and waste management was once only given ‘back door’priority […]

dynamic desking

Dynamic Desking

Dynamic Desking, What is it and how does it work? The term ‘Dynamic Desking’ it would seem, means different things to different people. A quick straw poll amongst some FM’s delivered the following ideas as to what they thought it could be. Flexible Working, the office has different desks for different types of usage, touchdown, […]

dealing with disasters in fm

Dealing with a Disaster

When a serious fire or flood occurs in a building the immediate intention will be to ensure that the fire is put out or the flooding is stopped. However reinstating the building as quickly as possible, dealing with insurers, attempting to recover important documents and equipment that has water or fire damage and getting the […]